Integrated Worldwide offers construction management services, both at-risk and agency that ensure quality and cost savings, and at the same time minimizes client risk and facilitates communication among project stakeholders. We provide the expertise to manage projects ranging from multi-phase, multi-site constructionand Maintenance programs to single construction and maintenanceprograms.

Our multi-disciplinary team of construction managers, project controllers, resident engineers and specialty inspectors with proven experience in the field provide a one-stop shop for the client.We also involve environmental scientists and other technical specialists with years of expertise for their valuable input whenever required.

By attracting and retaining the best constructionand Maintenance professionals in our industry we are able to maintain the highest standards and ethics.

Our collaborative team approach at every step of development provides an instant resource to the project manager in the field, allowing us to seamlessly deliver projects to clients on time and within budget.Our transparent working methodology and use of modern technology ensures that all stakeholders to the project have 24 hour access to pertinent documentation.

Our team works hand-in-hand with the client’s staff as an extendedteam and provides leadership and coordination to improve schedule performance, minimize cost overruns and ensure successful execution of the project. Our team works out plans for contingencies, considers alternatives and evaluates the consequent steps in order to plan for all possibilities. We make every effort to provide seamless and smooth continuity throughout the entire process.

We take time to understand our client’s unique needs and challenges, and utilize our wide ranging experiences within multiple industries to develop a tailored construction management plan. Our pre-construction services ensure every aspect of the project is thoughtfully planned out, including anticipating unexpected issues that would otherwise hold up a job. We believe that a project must meet all objectives of our client, while adhering to the time and budget requirements.

Our maintenance team, with an enviable depth and range of project experience is geared to assist our clients with ongoing repairs that come along with a new or existing project. Our team spends time in understanding the concepts and the dynamics of new and old construction and are ready to work around your schedule. We believe that clear channels of communication between client and contractor are vital to a project’s success and client satisfaction.

Selecting IWW as your general or maintenance contractor would ensure that a proper framework is first put in place for the success of the project. Our highly skilled and deeply experienced professionals will ensure that you get the following resources quickly and efficiently:

  • Project management, scheduling, job cost accounting, site supervision, quality control, building commissioning & project closeout.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced personnel.
  • Proven strategies and methods for success.
  • Regional knowledge of subcontractor and supplier networks.
  • Financial stability.
  • Strong safety record.

Our experience is widely diversified and covers a wide spectrum of the constructionand maintenanceof public buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, airports, housing, power stations, dams, hospitals, sports buildingsirrigation, producing ready mix concrete, batching plant, shipbuilding, etc.

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